Around the Hive Photo Gallery

This Summer we changed out the old brood box and added new supers to out first hive.

My cousin came over to help us with this harvest. Her son was our little helper. Here you’ll see a frame of capped honey and one half uncapped. Also a frame that has been extracted and in the process of having the wax removed. The wax/cappings will be melted in a crock pot and strained. The wax is later used to make lip balm.

Most people would run from a hive that has hundreds of bees all over the entrance. But if the weather is hot, like it has been here, chances are your bees are bearding and not getting ready to swarm. Bees will hang outside of the hive when the temperature inside gets too hot. But if they are hanging outside the hive, and you see a lot of activity, then they might swarm. If you’ve had your bees for some time, you’ll know the difference in the activity.

Here are just a few pictures from around our yard. We have a few Bottle brush trees and bird baths that the bees always seem to enjoy. We’ve also noticed an increase number of Bumble bees in our yard since Sunflowers were planted in our garden. The last few pictures are of our dog Grady. Unfortunately he was stung in the face last year. He seems to have learned his lesson and has not had any problems since then.

This is a gallery of images from when we changed out an old, rotted brood box. The hive was given to us by Keith Council, a well know local beekeeper. In order to replace the hive body we had to replace the bottom board, since the hive was stapled to the bottom board. And with the new bottom board we were able to add a proper hive stand.