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Diabetic Dilemma

Mint Chocolate Chip

My husband is a diabetic. Which means, for some reason, I can’t buy all the ice cream I want! I find this very unfair. I also find it unfair that he can’t enjoy his favorite ice cream as much as he, or I would like. In a moment of weakness I felt sorry for him and decided to do something special.

I know for a fact that his favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. I know this because he whimpers under his breath, and a single tear silently rolls down his cheek every time we pass by the ice cream section in the grocery store. Continue reading Diabetic Dilemma

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Polystyrene Beehives

Poly Hive

Decisions are a part of everyday life, paper or plastic, fresh or frozen,regular or decaf? Now beekeepers have a decision to make, wood or polystyrene beehives? And like any decision, how do you choose??? Or if you haven’t heard of polystyrene, what is it? In the US wooden Langstroth beehives are the standard and have been for years. Continue reading Polystyrene Beehives