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Diabetic Dilemma

Mint Chocolate Chip

My husband is a diabetic. Which means, for some reason, I can’t buy all the ice cream I want! I find this very unfair. I also find it unfair that he can’t enjoy his favorite ice cream as much as he, or I would like. In a moment of weakness I felt sorry for him and decided to do something special.

I know for a fact that his favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. I know this because he whimpers under his breath, and a single tear silently rolls down his cheek every time we pass by the ice cream section in the grocery store.

Every once in a while, as he pushes the shopping cart past the ice cream, he will slow ever so slightly as we pass the Mint Chocolate Chip. He doesn’t think I notice, but I do. It is one of the few times he doesn’t ram the shopping cart into the displays, a task he finds great joy in doing.

I looked around and found just the right flavoring, one that is almost identical to his favorite brand. Even though Mint Chocolate chip is not my favorite,I really do enjoy the refreshing mint flavor and the sweet, but not too sweet taste of chocolate in this lip balm.

If you have a loved one with diabetes or someone who just loves Mint Chocolate chip ice cream, this lip balm would be a great gift for them. It smells and tastes great and makes your lips so smooth.

And YES! I had to buy him some ice cream, just a little. After all, what is life without it’s sweet pleasures?

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