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Honey Robber

Honey Robber is a product used to help when harvesting honey. It is a liquid that is used with a solar fume board. A fume board basically looks like a regular hive cover, only the inside is lined with a felt fabric and it has a black corrugated top.  To use just place a few drops of Honey Robber on the fume board. Place the fume board on top of the hive and wait. With in a few minutes the bees will be moved out of the super. Making it possible to take the now empty super away to harvest. The Honey Robber has a slight oder to say the least so make sure that you don’t get any on yourself. After we were done I placed the pint size bottle inside a large ziplock bag, inside another zip lock bag then back into the storage container it came in. Trust me, you don’t want to get any of this on you! We purchased these products from Mann Lake. I like their prices and love the free shipping with your order of $100 or more.