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In the last blog I spoke about using Liquid Smoke. Today the state bee inspector, Freddy Howard, came to check our hives, so  I asked Mr. Howard his opinion on using it. He simply answered “Well, if it works for you.” I chuckled a little.
He preceded to opened both hives and looked around. Even though both hives are well and are full of honey, he has suggested that we re-queen next Spring.

A concern of ours was the condition of the hives. They  have taken a slight beating over the years due to the weather. Because of this, they have small holes on the corner. Mr Howard said that it was not a big deal and that the holes are helping to cool down the hive . One of the hives does have a bit more rot on it and will need to be changed out. We have been searching the web for options and are looking to changing our hives out with  polystyrene beehives in the near future. They seem to be very popular in Europe. Overall the hives are well. The supers are full of honey and they need to be harvested. So off we go to gather our supplies for the next harvest.

Mr Howard
Mr Howard