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Most people would run from a hive that has hundreds of bees all over the entrance. But if the weather is hot, like it has been down here in South West Florida, chances are your bees are bearding and not getting ready to swarm. Bees will gather outside of the hive entrance when the temperature inside the hive gets too hot. They do this to help cool the inside of the hive. As the temperature and humidity lowers the less bearding will occur.
Our hives are in a location where they receive the morning sun.  By noon they are in the shade. But living in South West Florida it’s still gets hot in the shade.
Some Beekeepers will add more ventilation to hives by using a screened bottom board or even adding screened holes on the side of the hive.
So if you see hives bearding, don’t panic.They are just trying to cool down from the heat like you.
But if they are on the hive and flying around a lot, then they might be getting ready to swarm. If you’ve had your bees for some time, you’ll know the difference right away.